3-days stay 法国乡村三日游



Day 1:

In the morning I will pick you up at the railway station in the beautiful city of Dijon, which is reputed  for its historical and architectural heritage, its gastronomy and wines (I can also pick you up elsewhere if required). On the way to the Les Vergers, we will stroll around  the scenic town of Beaune with its ancient Hospice, and then visit a Chateau and enjoy wine tasting in one of the famous Burgundy vineyards.

维泽雷古城 / Vézélay


我们将会穿越莫尔旺的中心地带,抵达山丘上的维泽雷古城(Vézélay),那里的圣玛德琳修道院教堂(Basilica Church of St. Mary Magdalene),为联合国教科文组织认明的世界文化遗产,过去一千年来,它是朝圣者的圣地。我们也会去探访Chateau de Bazoches,法国元帅沃邦(Vauban)曾经住在这座城堡中。

Chateau de Bazoches

如果时间允许,回程的时候,我们会在奥泽兰河畔弗拉维尼(Flavigny-sur-Ozerain)这个漂亮的小镇,停留片刻。这里的地方特产是“茴香糖”,始于十六世纪。茱莉叶‧毕诺许和約翰尼 ‧ 德普主演的电影《浓情巧克力》便是在此取景拍摄。

Day 2:

We will drive through the heart of the Morvan to the hill-top town of Vézélay, and its stunning Basilica (a Unesco world heritage site) which has been a site of pilgrimage for over a 1000 years. We will also visit the dramatic 12th Century Chateau de Bazoches,  the former residence of Marshal Vauban.

Time permitting, we will return through the beautiful little town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain,  where  the  famous aniseed sweets are made, and where the movie Chocolat, with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, was filmed.



The old town of Autun / 历史名城欧坦

若是不去欧坦,我们便可到莫尔旺森林深处的博夫雷山。那里有一座巨大的古罗马遗址,以及一间展示相关文物的博物馆,Gallo-Roman Museum Bibracte。

Day 3:

A walk in the forest in the morning, and in the afternoon a visit to the historic town of Autun, with it’s extensive Roman remains and the soaring 10th century Cathedral St. Lazare. Alternatively we could visit  the mystical Mont Beuvray deep in the Morvan forest, a vast Roman archaeological site and  the fascinating Bibracte Musuem of Roman artefacts.


早上,我送你到高铁站,第戎(Dijon)、索恩河畔沙隆(Chalon-sur-Saone)、勒克勒佐(Le Creusot)或者蒙巴尔(Montbard),皆可。你可以从那里尽情延续你在法国的旅程。


Day 4

In the morning I will take you to the TGV station (Dijon, Chalon-sur-Saone, Le Creusot or Montbard) where you can continue your journey  in France by train.

Any of these daily programmes can be adapted to suit you personal preferences.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions  or if there are particular places in Burgundy you would like to visit.