Chinese and Taiwanese writers 中国和台湾作家

Poet Wang Jiaxin came for a couple of days at my french countryside / 诗人王家新来住我的民宿
With Taiwan poet Chen Li / 和台湾诗人陈黎
With Taiwan poet Chen Li /和台湾诗人陈黎
With Taiwan poet Shang Ch’in / 和台湾诗人商禽
With Chinese poet Zheng Xiaoqiong / 与中国诗人郑小琼
With Ye Mimi, Presenting the Dutch translations of her poetry in Taipei, Smal smal book store /荷葉覓覓, 在小小書店一起介紹荷譯詩選《我不知道你不知道我不知道》
With poets Zang Di and Zhu Zhu at the International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam / 与臧棣和朱朱在鹿特丹国际诗歌节,2017